Month: December 2016

There are two paths I know of that lead us to the kingdom of wholeness, enriching our beings with the fullness of existence.

These paths are both a play of two elements: our authenticity and our ability to relate deeply to another .

The first path is that of solitude. Pursuing this path into the forest to its very end will lead us to the boundless clearance of existence.

The second path is that of love — a love so vulnerable that we risk everything and make ourselves bare to one another.

We are all stuck somewhere in between these two paths, never fully in the bliss of solitude, and never completely in the ecstasy of one another. It’s no surprise that we feel lost and lonely. We are in the middle of nowhere.

– Mateo Sol


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My name is Sapphire. I live to eat and I have a serious condition that makes me eat instead of sleeping. It's called "Insom-nom-nom-nom-nia".


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