Month: August 2017

I reckon that it is actually very simple.

Do you want your son to grow up like that person?

Do you want your daughter to be with someone like that person?

In the end, one should be with someone whom he/she thinks is a good role model for his/her child or future child.

I am not crazy over guys and I am comfortable with being alone. I am not looking to know more guys or casually trying out different dates. I don’t have a false image to sustain so overall I am at peace with myself.

Again, at my current stage of life, I am also too mentally old to deal with impulsiveness, passive aggressiveness and all the negative vibes from someone who reacts the same childish way every time.

I am tired of explaining and I slowly learn to accept that a narcissisit will always attempt to detach himself from his mistakes. Common logic and basic understanding that change isn’t one time or temporary thing. How much efforts are sufficient to amend that amount of pain and mistakes?

One can so conveniently believe in what he wanna believe in to justify his behaviours like he did in the past. That habit and mentality alone are sufficient to tell me things haven’t changed.

I have learned to focus on whats within my control and let go of whats hopeless. Flight booked, counting down…

I am glad to be out of all the drama and childishness. All the removing, blocking and hiding are nothing new from past experiences.

Instead of all the overthinking, second guessing the possibities and intentions, I remember it doesn’t matter anymore.

This affirms why it shouldn’t matter and the only thing that has been consistent is the inconsistency. Words and actions don’t match but the patterns stay the same.

At this stage of life, I am only relieved and thankful that I no longer have to deal with disgusting habits, disease and disorders.


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