Just hlped baby girl to “extract” her baby tooth using dental floss.

Someone will be a dollar richer tonight 🙂


Actual day celebration begins at Sapphlyn’s childcare.


After which I brought both kids on a cable car ride to Sentosa. Sent them back to Mommy’s after lunch at Slappy Cakes due to the Court session.


Happy Birthday Sweetie 🙂

You doted on me the most as I am the baby girl in the family. You always tried to give me whatever I want and protect me from any harm.

I used to borrow lots of story book from the library and you would read them to me. You gave me the nickname QiQi because that’s the name of the main character in my favourite book.

I was very mischievous but there was never once you got angry at me for the pranks I played on you. You woke up and laughed when you saw that I had put Mommy’s makeup on your face. You tried not to laugh and pretended to be mad when I played with Mommy’s nail polish and put them on your toe nails while you were sleeping, you even went out in those unknowingly.

You brought me on a double deck bus ride around Orchard during Christmas knowing that I am amused by lights. You bought me whatever I was craving for when I was staying in the hospital for my surgery. You rushed and brought me to the hospital when I got injured while playing soccer with the boys. You were always there for me.

You adored my kids and you always tried to hand them candies discreetly. When you watched the little ones while they were playing, your face lit with joy despite the pain and discomfort you were experiencing at the same time.

I saw the pain and helplessness in your face when you learned about Jason’s adultery, you would have bashed him up if not for your deteriorated health.

I am sorry for dwelling on my problems so much that I overlooked your loneliness, I overlooked that you needed your daughter. I regret not staying back at the hospital earlier just now. If only I had stayed for a couple more hours, you wouldn’t have passed away alone without anyone by your side.

I rushed and I ran…. I ran to your ward, to your bed. You were motionless, I placed my palm on your chest and tried to feel your heartbeat but my own was too fast and audible to myself that I couldn’t differentiate. I told myself that maybe you were sleeping but I looked at you again and my heart sank.

You no longer look like you were in pain even though your eyes were not entirely closed. You no longer grimace like you would before when you breathe. I couldn’t understand the medical equipment, I called the nurse and she confirmed my fear.

I shaved your face like I normally would during visit, the person from the casket service told me that it will be done by them but I continued. That was the last thing I am able to do for you….

You were an amazing and loving father, and you will always be in my heart. I consoled myself that at least you are at a better place and at least you no longer need to go through the pain.

I love you, Daddy. Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful chance to be your daughter.


I wish I could go back to being that little girl and snuggle in your arms again while you read me my favourite story book…

Advance celebration for the baby boy with family as we shall be out of town next weekend.

My baby girl

My baby girl

Baby boy~

Baby boy~

Oversized Ultraman!

Oversized Ultraman!

Happy boy <3

Happy boy <3

With cousins :)

With cousins 🙂



Happy birthday my sweetheart. Mummy loves you lots ♡


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