“INFJs have standards and internal beliefs that represent what love means to them personally. They aren’t ones to jump head first into romance, they are more cautious and analytical when it comes to their feelings. They know how to see the good within someones heart, which can get them into trouble sometimes. The INFJ takes time to truly fall in love, although they may fall into “crush” rather quickly. Love is entirely different for them and takes much more patience to develop. When the INFJ finally does fall in love, they fall hard and sincerely. They take their feelings very seriously and develop a bond with their romantic partner that they do not intend to sever. It takes a lot to push the INFJ away once they have truly fallen for someone. The INFJ may take time to allow themselves to fall, but once they do, it quickly becomes serious.”


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My name is Sapphire. I live to eat and I have a serious condition that makes me eat instead of sleeping. It's called "Insom-nom-nom-nom-nia".


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