Another long day tomorrow before the weekends arrive.

Dinner on Sat and off I go to Guangzhou again.

Sadly, this time I shall be staying at Sofitel instead of Marriott which has a better location 🙁 It is not going to stop me from cabbing over for my beloved cheese toast though! Not even the 2 kgs I put on during my last trip can keep me away from nom nom nom 😏

I am have been mentally preparing S and pray that she will react to my absence better this time. Worried and guilty, hopefully I can bring the kiddos somewhere during school holidays.

Case hearing will be in Nov *fingers crossed* Lots of planning to do for 2018 and the outcome will definitely have some impacts on the considerations.

Nevertheless, life goes on…

Sometimes, we just have to take a deep breath, relax and let things go. Focus on whats within our control and let whats not work itself out. Just take it one step at a time.


The babygirl cried so much that she infected her eyes while I was away 🙁

IF flew out of the window and I gained about 2 kgs.


Back to the office to follow up on those meetings I had during my worktrip.


This is my mental workout.

Honestly, I hate exercising and I love eating… A LOT! It explains why I almost had a heart attack seeing the numbers on the scale.


I need to lose more than 6 kgs amd that feels almost impossible. Can’t believe I was 10 kgs lighter less than 3 years ago.

I have to remember that after 30, my metabolism rate is no longer like before.

No more eating anytime anything anywhere.



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